Lou Jost has pretty neat paper out describing new measures genetic diversity that accurately account for allelic differences.  I’ve written some PYTHON scripts to parse genepop files, measure allele frequencies, and generate [some of] these measures of diversity.  Enjoy.


Jost L. 2008. GST and its relatives do not measure differentiation. Molecular Ecology,17(18), 4015 – 4026

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2 Responses to New measures of genetic differentiation

  1. James Borrone says:


    I have calculated some data using your website for SMOGD, but am encountering difficulty when trying to “download” the results.

    After I download one table , I cannot download any others unless I refresh the page, or resubmit the data for (re)calculation. my suspicion is that it may be due to similar/identical url designations for each table.

    Thanks, a very useful program.


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